The Worst Frozen Foods for Abdominal Fat

Microwavable pizza pockets and their microwavable meal pocket cousins rank as some of the worst frozen items out there that build up fat around your gut.

Microwavable pockets

Fast and simple to cook, frozen pizza is a favourite. "Many believe frozen pizza is healthful. Frozen pizza is high in saturated fat, salt, and sugar."

Frozen pizza

You may have heard about how ice cream merely consists of empty calories, but as it turns out, it can effectively pack on fat around your abdomen.

Ice cream

Nothing beats a nice cup of soup at home. The convenience of prepackaged noodle soups tempts the impatient. Regrettably, frozen meals encourage belly fat.

Frozen noodle soups

Adkins, RD says that in place of fruit these mixes include sugar and flavourings. eat unsweetened fruits, protein powder

Smoothie bases

Just like frozen noodle soups, frozen pasta can undo all of your hard work when it comes to reducing belly fat

Frozen pastas

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