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my SNHU (Southern New Hampshire Institution) is a university that provides students with the opportunity to participate in online courses. This online programme will be able to assist you in removing the roadblocks that stand in your way of achieving your professional goals. It is possible to complete more than 200 online degree programmed that can assist you in achieving your objectives, navigating the financial aid procedure, and transferring credits in order to get your degree in less time. SNHU use a variety of tools to carry out this programme, one of which being Blackboard. What exactly is it, and how do I get my hands on it? Continue to read this article till the end.

To access Blackboard as a first-year student at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), you must first log into the SNHU Student Portal via which you received your admission letter. The SNHU Student Login page, which can be accessed via, can be used to log into online services such as Blackboard, Webmail, One Card, and the mySHU portal. In addition, MY SNHU is a gateway that allows you to access information like as class schedules, billing, technology help, grading, communications from advisors, and other resources.

Southern New Hampshire University’s official website may be found at, and you can learn more about the school. On the main page, there will be numerous menu options, such as Academic Programs, Admission and Financial Aid, Student Experience, About SNHU, Request Info, Apply Now, and more options to choose from. More information is available at SNHU, including information for employers, international students, military, and my.SNHU Login. If you want to access Blackboard, you must first navigate to the my.SNHU Login menu, which may be found in the upper right corner of the main page. This menu, on the other hand, can also be found in the bottom left of the home page. After you click on that, you will be prompted to enter your login and password information. You will be able to access everything, including Blackboard, once you have logged in. Blackboard is a virtual learning environment and learning management system developed by Blackboard Inc., which is based in the United States. Web-based server software with course management, flexible open architecture and scalable design that allows for integration with student information systems and authentication protocols, among other features. The primary objectives of this programme are to include online aspects into courses that are normally taught in person, as well as to construct wholly online courses that require little or no face-to-face interaction. The following are the contents of Blackboard:

  • Content of the course. It enables professors to share articles, videos, assignments, and other materials with their students.
  • Calendar. When assigning due dates for assignments and tests, teachers or lecturers can make use of this feature.
  • Modules of instruction. It is used exclusively for online courses, and it allows professors to post different lectures for students to view at their convenience.
  • Assessments. It enables teachers or lecturers to post quizzes and exams on the internet, and it enables students to access them over the internet.
  • Assignments. It enables for the posting of tasks as well as the submission of assignments online by students.
  • This is a grade book. Students can view grades that have been posted by professors and teachers on Blackboard.
  • There is a media library. Videos and other types of media can be uploaded with this feature.

Consequently, in order to have access to all of the services available in Blackboard, you must first log into your SNHU account.

How to gain entry to snhu’s bright space

Souther New Hampshire University’s Brightspace is an online learning management system that is used by the university. A current student who is registered for at least one course will be able to access this resource.

The following is the procedure for gaining access to Brightspace:

Access your my SNHU account by clicking here.

  • Either the “My Course Access Your Courses” graphic or the “Brightspace” link will take you to the appropriate page. This link can be found in the “Applications” section of the navigation bar.
  • If you discover a broken link in your Brightspace course, you must notify your professor as soon as possible.
  • It is vital that you notify your professor if you discover any broken connections in your Brightspace course so that he or she can take appropriate action.

What is SNHUconnect, and how does it work?

SNHUconnect is a private, online, peer-to-peer community for SNHU online students that is accessible only to members of the community.

Consider it to be a virtual campus of sorts. It is a location where you may meet up with all of your fellow online students while you are not in class.

Find individuals who are studying the same subject or who may be in the same geographical location. You can participate in online organisations and honour societies, as well as hear about upcoming activities at New Hampshire College and University.

Take a look at the video below for a quick summary.

Accessing SNHUconnect is simple.

You can access it immediately from my SNHU, from your desktop computer, or through the mobile application.

To find out more, follow the steps outlined below:

  • If you scroll down your my SNHU page, you will see an icon for “SNHUconnect student” beneath your News Feed, which you can click on to learn more. Students at the College of Arts and Sciences should select “Student Organizations and Events” from the right-hand column.
  • After you’ve clicked on that icon, look to the left for the SNHUconnect Menu and select the “Tutorials & Manuals” option from the list.
  • Scroll down beneath the video to see the three different ways to get into the community, as well as a series of educational films to assist you in navigating your way around.

What is my seven-digit SNHU identification number?

Your 7-digit SNHU ID number can be found on the back of your student ID card. Even if you do not have an identification card, you can discover your identification number by following these steps:

  1. Log in to my SNHU to get started.
  2. The menu on the left-hand side can be found by scrolling down until you reach the headline “My Profile.”
  3. Select “View My Student Profile” from the drop-down menu beneath that heading.

After that, your student profile should be shown, with your SNHU ID Number prominently displayed near the top of your profile.

Questions and answers on a regular basis

What should I do if my SNHU login is not functioning properly?

If your SNHU login is not working, you can contact the IT Help Desk at 1.855.877.9919, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, you can communicate with the IT Help Desk using the Service Portal.

You may also want to check the SNHU system status page to see whether any services, such as Brightspace, mySNHU, email, and so on, are currently having difficulties.

What is the location of my SNHU email?

To access your SNHU email, sign in to your my SNHU account and select the SNHU Webmail link on the right-hand side of the page under Applications, which is located on the right-hand side of the page.

What is the best way to set up my email?

Even if your SNHU email is not configured on your computer or device, you can still access your SNHU email. Simply navigate to your my SNHU home page, log in, and then search for the Webmail option on the right side of the screen, under Applications, to access your email.

Where can I obtain a comprehensive listing of all of the courses offered at SNHU?

The Academic Catalogs page on the website contains a link to SNHU’s academic catalogues, which you can access by clicking here. It is on that page that you will discover links to the Online Programs catalogue and the Campus Programs catalogue, respectively.

In the event that you are seeking for a specific programme, you can locate it by visiting the Program Finder page, which can be accessed through the Academic Catalogs portion of the website.

What is the procedure for obtaining my SNHU transcripts or an unofficial grade report?

If you require an official transcript, you may do so by visiting the Alumni website or by logging into your mySNHU account and selecting the Request an Official Transcript option located on the left side of the mySNHU homepage under the Academic Menu on the left side of the page.

Unofficial Grade Reports: To obtain an unofficial grade report with SNHU letterhead, log into mySNHU and follow the instructions. The link can be found on the left-hand side of the mySNHU homepage, under the Academics section.

What is the procedure for logging into my snhu library account?

By going to the Online Library Catalog, you will be able to access your account information.
After logging into the Online Library Catalog, you’ll see a button towards the top of the page labelled “Your Library Account.” Click on this icon to access your library account. To log in, go to this link and enter your mySNHU username (without the – i.e. john.smith) and mySNHU password in the appropriate fields.


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